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Whether your business serves customers from walk-in traffic, phone calls or both, local search engine marketing (SEM) can play a key role in advancing your customer growth objectives.

For most categories of local businesses, local search can be considered the "sweet spot" of marketing, and for good reason.


of consumers use the internet when researching local products/services. [1]

140 billion

local searches are expected for 2015. [1]

That means a local business must be visible in search results in order to be included in a potential customer’s consideration set.

We're dedicated to increasing customer lead generation and conversions for our clients.

Key Marketing Objectives in SEM

- Increase customer lead generation

- Enhance local brand prominence

Program Strategy

- Identify unique opportunities to seize.

- Overcome key challenges within the space of local search.

- Monitor, modify and measure work performance in order to sustain maximum results over the longer term.

So while you're managing your business, you can be assured that Ascend Local is working to increase your competitive advantages by increasing your business’s visibility, enhancing your brand and engaging more of your potential customers.

Client Assurance - Collaboration with Top Professionals

Ascend Local has built invaluable professional relationships with highly regarded professionals in SEM as a resource of collaboration and an additional benefit for our clients.

Ascend Complete – Our Skill Sets

Organic SEM

Local Google+

Listing Optimization

Website Design / SEO

Non-Organic SEM



Dynamic Ad Delivery Technology



Video Production / Campaigns

5 Star Reputation Management

Platforms We Work With

google adwords / bing ads / get five stars / moz / acquisio / neustar / whitespark / google+ / google analytics
adwords, bing ads, get five stars, moz, acquisio, neustar, whitespark, google+, google analytics

Our Team

Frank Kockritz

Managing Partner Ascend Local

Theresia Wilson

Production / Project Coordinator

Knoll Gilbert

Graphic Design

Rick Warner

Display & Video Creative Director

Jordan Haas

Video Production Manager

Katie Riley

Graphic Design

Lee Burton

Cross Media Integration

Colleen Stone

Project Traffic

Brian Kockritz

Web Technology / Programming

Project Collaborators

Michelle Selnick

Organic SEO

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Ascend Local programs engage potential customers who are already seeking local businesses for specific products and services - find out how we obtain key competitive advantages for our clients in order to secure these valued, high-intent-to-purchase customers.

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